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capturing moments 

while traveling through life

Lesley Martin


I like to think of myself as an multifaceted photographer. I love all types of photography and enjoy continuously learning and challenging the camera to express what I see. An image can convey a small, seemingly insignificant moment in time, or tell a complete story. I love telling a story! I also love the fact the cameras are ever evolving and readily available to catch what we want, when we want it. Photos are invaluable assets to supplement our lives where memories might fail us in years to come. I believe the best camera is the one in your hand. With that said, the image is not a result of the camera, as much as the eye of the photographer. Today's technology has made shooting several images a day, an everyday occurrence even for the amateur photographer. These snapshots sit on our Facebook pages, smartphones, or computers and rarely see the light of day, but they document our lives as long as the hard drives don't fail us. I have those snapshots as well, but the ones I want to hang on my wall are art. They are the photos that represent a moment in time to it’s fullest potential and are taken with tools that do the moment justice. They are well thought out representations of who we are as unique individuals. This is my passion! When you see images of a time do they make you smile, hurt, laugh, or cry? Do they make you dream , desire, or inspire you? Those are the pictures that I enjoy taking. Which moment in time would you like to hold forever? Where are your most valuable photo's? How often do you see them? What images do you value? Why are images important to you? During your time with me, I will enjoy getting to know who you are and what the moment means to you. We will discuss your expectations for your photos, along with working with you on a vision of where you see them going. My desire is to provide not just images that will be lost in the shuffle but, but gallery quality memories worthy of representing your life on walls and in letters lasting generations.



Santana Row, San Jose, Ca 95128

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